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Titanically Wrecked! The Gothic Boat Party and Thames Cruise [Aug. 29th, 2012|01:40 pm]
Weird London - Alternative Events for the Capital


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Only two and a half weeks to go!
On Saturday, 15th September, we'll be setting sail aboard The Dutch Master, a vessel large enough to bear 370 darkened souls if not into hell itself, then at least as far as Greenwich North and back.
Featuring two dancefloor decks, an open "sun" deck split into two levels, we'll be taking you aboard ship for drinking, dancing, and enjoying the spectacular sight of the banks of the Thames illuminated at night with a five hour cruise that sets sail from Tower Pier. Take in this unique view of London whilst cavorting to an aural tapestry of the darkly gothic and grimly industrial. 

With music provided by six of London's finest goth and alternative DJs (Yeah, yeah... five plus muggins'ere :-p )

Steve Nine (Departure)
Dave Exile (Invocation)
Psyche (Memepunks)
AndyRavenSable (Rivet)
The Cockney Gargoyle (Invocation)
Thunder (Vampiir)

Saturday 15th September, 2011 - Sailing at 8pm sharp (Don't get left behind!) - better still, turn up early for our pre-cruise meetup at The Liberty Bounds public house, from 4pm onwards on the day. 

Ticket prices:

 On the door: £20 ea
 In advance: £18 ea

Where to buy:

(At the time of writing, 336 places have gone and we have *only* 34 tickets remaining)

Tickets can be bought in person from Thunder (muggins'ere) wherever you see him out and about:

Friday 31st
 - Living on Video @ The Elixir Bar Camden  (moving on to...)
 - Antichrist @ The Colloseum  (Vauxhall)

Saturday 1st
 - Big Red, Holloway Road

Thursday 6th
 - Vampiir @ The Elixir Bar, Camden
(£2.50 handling fee _per order_ to include paypal fees and first class recorded delivery)